YouTube Sales Mastery

Learn how to turn your popularity on

YouTube into huge profits.

Are you serious about becoming successful on YouTube?

If you’ve struggled to know how to:

  • Turn leads into customers

  • Transform your sales funnel into a value engine

  • Make the most out of your social media efforts

How does the YouTube Sales Mastery work?

Your social media efforts aren’t quite paying off. Maybe you are advertising on Facebook with a low ROI. Maybe you are generating leads but are having trouble converting them to clients. Through this course, you will learn the YouTube Sales Mastery strategy that Noelle Randall used to generate millions of dollars in revenue and transform her company.

The YouTube Sales Mastery course will help you learn three key strategies:


Find how offering an effective call to action -- a product or service -- will drive potential customers to enter your sales funnel.


Learn the most successful ways to target and communicate with your leads.


Turn leads into sales and see your revenue reach new heights.

Meet Your Instructors:

Nate Woodbury is a YouTube Producer who works with six- and seven-figure Influencers, helping them build a massive following on YouTube.

As a master of efficiency, Nate uses filming and editing systems that drastically reduce the expense and time commitment for his clients, and at the same time, get real trackable results.

Noelle Randall, MPS, MBA is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author and all-around know-it-all who is here to help! Noelle has worked with Nate on her YouTube channel for nearly three years, during which time the channel amassed more than 600,000 subscribers.

RAVE REVIEWS from Our Students

We consistently get 100,000+ views per month which results in adding 1,000 – 2,000 right-fit prospective clients to our database monthly. Many viewers come to our book funnel which generates average monthly sales of 500+ books (in print, audio, and video formats) at an average cart value of $30 (do the math). In addition, we earn $2,500+ per month from YouTube channel monetization. This results in $ZERO net marketing cost to acquire qualified leads to fill our seminars and webinars.

We have been very happy with the results of our YouTube channel because it is the primary “bird-dogger” that sends people to our various click funnels. Be the Hero is not a cost, it is an amazing investment!.


Doug Andrew

3 Dimensional Wealth Mentor | Author | Speaker

Nate Woodbury and his Be The Hero team have made my message come alive as they have filmed and managed my channel. My business is growing more all the time because of the growing YouTube presence.

The Be The Hero team is professional and really great to work with. They make me look good, sound good, and hit the mark I need to hit to have a global impact. Thank you Nate!


Nicholeen Peck

Parenting Guru, Author and Mother at Teaching Self-Government

As a speaker, author, and creator, there is always too much to do into little time. Nate and his team make the entire process of getting your ideas out of the world effortless. All I have to do is press record, let the ideas flow out of my head, and a week later thousands of people are watching, commenting and enjoying the videos. But perhaps most importantly they are actually using the tools I’m sharing to make a difference in their own world. And, oh by the way, I attribute my regular video posting schedule and directly to doubling my revenue last year!


Chad Littlefield

Author, Speaker and Co-founder at We and Me

This course will help you convert high-value leads into customers.

Having an effective business or sales system will allow you to unlock the full potential of your YouTube traffic — and take your company to new heights.

Learn how to maximize your potential revenue while growing your influence.



The FAST TRACK method is based on the science of how the YouTube algorithm works and a proven strategy to work with the algorithm to get it to rank and suggest your videos to viewers, enabling you to quickly rack up views and grow your subscriber count. The nature of YouTube’s algorithm is that it works the same across all niches — and that means the FAST TRACK method does as well! This isn’t a method that only works for educational channels, like many ranking strategies… You can use the FAST TRACK method for educational channels, and many of our students do, but you can also use it for lifestyle, gaming, music, art, and entertainment topic channels just as successfully! To read the case studies and testimonials of past Creator Fast Track students, click here.


The program follows a 3-phase, 3-month schedule, with specific strategies and goals for each phase. Within the first 2-4 weeks you’ll be able to grow your channel to 100 subscribers using the FAST TRACK method. You’ll feel confident you’re on track, and before you know it, your channel will reach 1,000 subscribers and get monetized!


Creator Fast Track includes over $4,500 of training material, but we’re committed to offering the program at a reasonable price that makes sense for our students — many of whom are starting their channels on tight budgets. All that to say… we have great sales that make it possible for anyone to join. 🙂 Sign up for the waitlist to find out next time enrollment opens and get access to our best pricing.

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