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Your knowledge and expertise are exactly what people around the world have been looking for; they just haven’t found you yet. Grow your YouTube channel with Nate and witness the astounding results his strategies can bring.

Case Study #1

Noelle Randall, MPS, MBA

Real Estate Entrepreneur

  • Noelle had a 7 figure business teaching AirBnb Real Estate Investing

  • Noelle had a YouTube channel that made only $100/mo.

  • Noelle then hired Nate and Be The Hero Studios

  • Noelle stopped Facebook Advertising, because YouTube leads were better

  • Noelle is now making $6 Million per year, all from YouTube leads

Clients We Work With

Kris Khron

Dr. Paul Jenkins

Marley Jaxx

Mosab Alsadig

Kirk Duncan

Loral Langermeier

John Crestani

Chad Littlefield

Brent Bowers

Michelle Villalobos

Chris Abbott

Stan the Annuity Man

Noelle Randall

Ray Higdon

Nicholeen Peck

Doug Andrew

Dr. Paul Jenkins

Positivity Mentor and Trainer

  • From 235 to 50,000 subscribers in 14 months

  • 12,000 average daily views

  • It's a Lead Generating MACHINE

  • Paul films once per month - Be the HERO Studios does all the rest (editing videos, adding on-screen captions, subtitles, tagging, and publishing to YouTube)



Nicholeen Peck

Parenting Guru, Author and Mother at


  • 13,000,000 Impressions


  • 186,700 Hours Watch time

  • 38,271 subscribers and growing rapidly

Featured Videos

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  • How to Generate $10,000 from Only 100 YouTube Views


We consistently get 100,000+ views per month which results in adding 1,000 – 2,000 right-fit prospective clients to our database monthly. Many viewers come to our book funnel which generates average monthly sales of 500+ books (in print, audio, and video formats) at an average cart value of $30 (do the math). In addition, we earn $2,500+ per month from YouTube channel monetization. This results in $ZERO net marketing cost to acquire qualified leads to fill our seminars and webinars.

We have been very happy with the results of our YouTube channel because it is the primary “bird-dogger” that sends people to our various click funnels. Be the Hero is not a cost, it is an amazing investment!.


Doug Andrew

3 Dimensional Wealth Mentor | Author | Speaker

Nate Woodbury and his Be The Hero team have made my message come alive as they have filmed and managed my channel. My business is growing more all the time because of the growing YouTube presence.

The Be The Hero team is professional and really great to work with. They make me look good, sound good, and hit the mark I need to hit to have a global impact. Thank you Nate!


Nicholeen Peck

Parenting Guru, Author and Mother at Teaching Self-Government

As a speaker, author, and creator, there is always too much to do into little time. Nate and his team make the entire process of getting your ideas out of the world effortless. All I have to do is press record, let the ideas flow out of my head, and a week later thousands of people are watching, commenting and enjoying the videos. But perhaps most importantly they are actually using the tools I’m sharing to make a difference in their own world. And, oh by the way, I attribute my regular video posting schedule and directly to doubling my revenue last year!


Chad Littlefield

Author, Speaker and Co-founder at We and Me

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