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Last modified: 9/14/2023

What to Expect

The fact that we’ve agreed to produce a daily YouTube channel for you and your business, signifies that we fully believe that within 12 to 24 months your YouTube channel will be a seven-figure revenue source. Not YouTube ad revenue, but lead revenue in your business. You either have a working and profitable business funnel now that we will be directing leads to from your YouTube channel, or we’ve discussed specific plans about you getting a similar funnel in place within the first few months of launching on YouTube.

It’s going to take a lot of work to lay a foundation of search on your YouTube. And it looks different than many other channels you’ve seen on YouTube. We want you to have proper expectations over the next 12 months.

The first 4 months will be boring and slow. Expect to be unimpressed. Most of the traffic we’ll see at first will come from your existing following, such as those already on your email list or social media connections. You will start showing up in search early on, however, we will intentionally be going after topics that have a pretty low search volume. Expect to have low views on each video. After months of doing this, your search traffic on each video will gradually increase. Where we will see the growth, is in the total number of views across the channel. This is a SOLID strategy that will pay off big time in the long run. Ask us to explain my branch/leaf analogy again if you want more clarity on the search strategy.

What’s so special about 4 months? Well, that’s when things start to get exciting. In the first month, the traffic breakdown for your channel will be a random mixture of browse, suggested, external, and search. Typically search is lower down on the list. As you get into months 3 and 4, you should see search rise up to the highest percentage of traffic. This means the strategy is working. The volume will still be small at this point, but you know you’re on the right track. As you get into months five to eight, we should see suggested and browse rise to the top. And when you get a spike, that comes from suggested. Beyond this, know that every channel will behave differently. But YouTube analytics gives us all the data we need, to know what pivots to make to cause a spike on the channel. Once you have your first spike, and for every spike after that, it gets easier and easier to find lessons and opportunities in the analytics.

YouTube results are not something we control, or can guarantee, but we’ve seen it work time after time by following our 5 ingredients strategy.

  • Keyword Research before filming using my Leaf Strategy

  • Episodes Average 10-12 Minutes in Length

  • 50% or higher AVD – Average View Duration

  • Custom Thumbnails that create Curiosity

  • Post 5 or more episodes per week.

When YouTube promotes your content like this, it’s extremely valuable. In addition to you pulling in the consistent search traffic, now YouTube is placing your videos in front of people that the algorithm predicts will enjoy your content. This growth is super exciting and often appears in the form of an exponential spike.

Spikes are always exciting, and typically last about a week. After a spike comes a new baseline. When the dust settles, the average daily views and subscribers will be significantly higher than before the spike. This new baseline becomes the new norm, until we have the next spike.

Assuming you have a great sales funnel in place, including landing pages, opt-ins, and a working sales conversion strategy, you can expect to start making sales in your first 4 to 6 months, and especially during your first spike. Because we don’t know which videos will spike, it’s challenging, in the beginning, to know what calls to action to put at the end of which videos. But once we have our first spike, we can learn from it, and make improvements to our strategy moving forward. Each spike provides us new data, and our strategy will continue to evolve and improve.

Expectations of Producer

My focus is results. Specifically, video views, channel subscribers, increasing channel momentum, and ultimately traffic to your sales funnel. Quality is important to me. In fact, I’m a perfectionist. But even more important to me is efficiency. I love doing things that will most directly lead to the end result.

Don’t be alarmed. I don’t like cutting corners or anything like that, but some of the things that can get us easily caught up, such as a typo, or an editing mistake, or a hair that was out of place, or something that was misstated in the video… really don’t affect the end result. I try to keep things in perspective and allow little things to slide, but make improvements along the way. This is how I have worked with all my clients, and it’s worked very well.

My job is to keep us on schedule and ensure that the videos we create will get the results we want. I will speak up when I see areas that can be improved.

YouTube Consulting and Advice

While this agreement is in place, you have access to us for advice and consulting regarding your YouTube channel. Periodically we will notify you of things we see and want to suggest or make you aware of. But most of the time, the responsibility will be yours to reach out when you need this kind of assistance. Any time questions, concerns, a lack of clarity, you’re stuck, or anything arises, just let us know. Text is good, WhatsApp is good, email is good. And if we need to jump on the phone or Zoom, we’ll do whatever I can to get you on the schedule within a few days.

Asking us questions or asking for coaching is not bothering us. That’s what we’re here for. If we don’t get questions from you for many weeks, we’ll assume you are happy with everything and you don’t need any coaching. We will continue to look for opportunities or problems in YouTube Analytics. We will bring those to you periodically as well as anytime you request them.

The day-to-day tasks, management of your channel, and all urgent communications will be responded to very promptly by my team on weekdays. Keep in mind that many of my team reside in the Philippines, so there is a half-day or more time difference from the USA.

Expectations of Talent

You are the expert here, and all the content is on you. We’ll provide advice along the way, but you know your niche much better than we do. The more prep time you put into each topic, in advance of our filming date, the more successful each video will be. You may think that you know your topic so well, that talking for 10 minutes on a specific topic will be a breeze. You’re probably right. However, imagine if you took 5 or 10 minutes to think about that topic. What will be the most valuable advice you can share? What will make the video more interesting and memorable? What will set this video apart from all the other videos on this topic?

It’s imperative for you to take the time to prepare your content outline in advance, in order for filming day to go as smoothly as possible, and your content will turn out better. Filming 20 or more episodes in a day is a marathon. You want to be as prepared as possible.

Don’t hold back secrets. Seriously. The temptation will be to share some of the secrets and reserve the others for paying clients. Don’t fall into this trap. You want to give them everything you’ve got, in 10-minute bites. After watching each video, you want the viewer thinking, “Wow, that was amazing. I was just given gold!” This will lead to loyal subscribers.

When they get your content for free on YouTube, they learn, but rarely implement it. When they are ready, they will hire you and pay you money. You’ll give them the same advice, just packaged in a different way, and now they will implement it. The more they pay you, the more seriously they will take it, and the better results they will get.

Ok, back to expectations of the talent. If you have an email list, we recommend sending out a broadcast announcing each video. Choose a frequency that is best for your audience, such as segmenting your list into groups that you email on rotation. Remember that they subscribed for a reason, and will love to know when you launch new videos.

Don’t stress too much about other social platforms. All the big ones are competitors to YouTube, and they don’t want people to leave and head over to YouTube. Any efforts you make to direct people away from one platform and go to YouTube will actually result in penalties from that platform. Your posts will be buried and seen less and less.

Instead, create content that people on those platforms will enjoy the most right there. While you do this, naturally let people know what you are doing on YouTube. People will naturally find you there. Expect to have different audiences on different platforms.

How to Outline Video Content

You want to prepare your content in a simple outline format, that will serve as memory joggers for your content. You are the expert and you’ll be making videos on topics where you know the content inside and out. So an outline may look like this:

Title: How to Get Rid of Strep Throat Without Antibiotics

  • Intro

  • Content Hooks

  • Why Not Antibiotics?

  • My Story

  • Why Garlic?

  • Why Raw Honey?

  • Why Cayenne?

  • How to Prepare – demonstrate

  • How Much to Take

  • Another Story

  • CTA – Call To Action

Do you see how simple that is… and yet how much content is there? This will easily take 10-12 minutes to share. Note: You will intentionally be pausing to look at your notes between each bullet point. In most cases, my filming team will have multiple tripods set up, so they can move the camera after each bullet point. So you may deliver your intro standing in one spot, and the content hooks in the 2nd, then the next point back at spot one, and so forth.

Your first episode may feel awkward, but you’ll get the hang of it. My team is great and very helpful. Filming in this way has several advantages: First, it makes the content more engaging and mixes things up. It also ensures your content is delivered in bite-sized quantities that are easily consumable. We’ve found the content becomes more valuable.

YouTube Channel Access

Nate Woodbury needs to be given owner access within the YouTube channel creator studio. You will remain the “primary owner” of the channel. Owner access gives Nate the ability to add and assign his team members as managers on the channel. Please make Nate an owner using the following email address:
[email protected]
– Note that this is not an email address Nate communicates with. This is just for YouTube access.

Decision Making/Content Types

During the scope of this agreement, you agree to follow the advice of Nate Woodbury, in regards to the type of content you post on your YouTube channel.. With most videographers, you control your channel and direct what type of videos the videographer helps you create. You control how and where it’s used. What we provide is drastically different. Rather than making you videos, you’re hiring us to ensure this channel grows and makes money. You can fire us, and that’s fine, but while we work together I take hold of the reins with you. For example, in most cases you will not be posting podcast recordings on this channel, or running YouTube Ads. Additional filmed content, including Shorts will need the approval of Nate.

Being Coachable or Teachable

You are hiring us, not just for filming work, but for the strategy and experience. If you trust Nate, the team, and the system, we’re confident you’ll get results.

Changes to YouTube Content

Once a video has gone “live” to the public on YouTube, we don’t want to touch it. The YouTube algorithm does an assessment of each video and how it performs over time. We want to please the algorithm so that it places our videos in search, and as suggested videos.

If a video goes live, and then a week, or a month later we notice that there was a typo in the description, we need to leave it. Changing a single letter will reset the algorithm’s assessment of this video, resulting in a halt to views and any promotion to that video.

Scope of Work

1.) Talent’s scope of work shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

a.) (i) being available for topic brainstorms, (ii) adequately preparing your content in advance of filming (iii) film 20 videos every 4 weeks, (iv) working to keep the Channel at least three (3) weeks ahead of schedule with filming, to achieve two (2) weeks of scheduled videos already on YouTube and scheduled to go public, (v) cooperate with the Producer’s other related instructions.

b.) (i) not changing video style the week of filming or (ii) not changing the topic of a video within two (2) business days before it is scheduled to film. (iii) the talent provides the content and may include other participants only the producer agrees that it’s in the best interest of the channel.

2.) Producers scope of work shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

a.) (i) Assisting talent with topic brainstorm, (ii) providing guidance to talent prior to filming, (iv) managing video editing, (v) overseeing YouTube channel management, thumbnail design, and episode launch calendar.

Minimum Production Requirements

20 Episodes/4 Weeks filmed a minimum of 20 videos at a time every 4 weeks. 260 Episodes in 12 months.


Getting ahead of schedule is important, and helps ensure we can keep a consistent launch schedule. After the first filming date, it will be a few weeks before we launch the first episode. We want to have a stockpile of videos ready for YouTube, so we don’t ever have to skip a beat. In order to stay ahead, we need to have a maximum of 4 weeks between filming dates (if filming 20 videos, and launching 5 per week). Any more than that and we risk not having time to edit videos and keep on schedule.

Budget and Investment

A total of $104,000 will be paid by The Client to Nathan Woodbury (producer), which covers channel and video strategy, editing costs, thumbnail design, & all required YouTube management.

Monthly Invoicing

  • The budget for this agreement is $104,000. This is $8,000 x 13 filming dates.

  • If you want to make bulk payments in advance, you will be offered a discount for doing so. Pay for six months filming dates in advance, get the 7th for free.

  • Invoices must be paid on the 1st of the month in advance of each filming date.

  • If two filming dates appear in a month, a double amount will be invoices that month.

Late Fees and Missed Payments

Invoices are sent on the 1st of each month for filming dates that month and must be paid in advance of filming. If invoices are not paid by the 6th of the month, a late fee of $125 will be added to the invoice.

We reserve the right to stop all editing and production on the videos already filmed if payments are missed and efforts to get caught up are not being made.

If payments are not made before your filming date, your filming date will be canceled and you will be charged a cancellation fee.

ACH Autodraft

We have the option of setting up an ACH autodraft for your monthly payments. This makes it very convenient, to not have to send invoices, reminders, and have to remember to make payment every month. This disadvantage is if there is a returned or declined payment. We would prefer not setting up ACH payments if there is any risk of having insufficient funds. The bank warned us that returned payments risk our ACH account being closed down.

To setup ACH payments, ask Nate to send you the authorization form.

ACH payments can be turned off at anytime. Just let Nate know by text, email, or WhatsApp.


Unless a mistake was made on my part, I don’t provide refunds. I’d rather you take your time in the beginning, to make sure this is the best decision for you, your business, and your budget, before making your payment. Take your time, and think it through, and if working with me is a fit, then let’s move forward.


We do understand that life happens and things change. When something unexpected happens, we will work with you to reschedule. Cancellations or rescheduling within 1 week have a $500 cancellation fee. We need to compensate our filming team for their missed opportunity to work, nanny costs, etc. We’ll then work with you to get a replacement date on the calendar. This is an increase from $375. It’s really an inconvenience for many of us if rescheduling happens within a week.

Content Ownership

You are the owner of all the content we produce for your channel. If you want to do something outside of our system with your content, this is your choice. So if you want to repurpose your content on other social platforms, or anything else you have in mind, go for it.

Producer Accreditation

The following will be permitted within every YouTube video description produced in accordance with this agreement:


YouTube Production: Nate Woodbury


Note from the Producer on Video Production Quality

Quality is important, and the goal of Nathan Woodbury (producer) is to maintain a continual high standard. However, understand that our monthly budgets to produce 20 episodes, will typically only produce one to two episodes in other agencies. Because we work on a model of efficiency, we’re able to stretch the budget a lot further, creating 20 episodes with the same budget. Our priorities are in this order. 1st Strategy, 2nd Efficiency, and 3rd Production Quality. Each episode may contain minor errors or typos. None of which will impact the performance of the video and it’s intended strategy. If the end result was the video, you should accept nothing less than a perfectly edited video. But the end result is not the video, it’s lead generation. Having production quality as our 3rd priority instead of our 1st is necessary in order to achieve our lead generation goals for your channel. All this will be accomplished with flawed videos. We commit to do our best, and continually improve.

Video Approval Option

At the request of The Client, we will send a video review link (such as dropbox), to allow the talent to review each video before being uploaded to YouTube. This will take time, and will be the responsibility of The Client to review. This is not required, and not even recommended, but made available as an option for those who want to be more involved. We have our own review and quality control system. This option would be in addition to what we already have in place.

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